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copyop - Social Trading Apk

For beginners without any significant market knowledge, social trading is an ideal choice since it allows them to perform trades by copying other experienced traders. Copyop is an Android based social trading App which helps novice traders to make money easily by copying the trades of other experienced traders. There is no need for them to understand complex market analysis tools like technical indicators, trend charts, graphs or to continuously follow the market trends. All they have to do is carefully watch the trades performed by successful traders and copy whichever is suitable for them.

Copyop was the first trading platform to introduce a social trading network for binary options. It was launched during Jan 2015 and is operated by Ouroboros which is the same company managing and operating anyoption, the first binary options trading platform. Copyop trading platform is trusted by millions of traders across the globe and is considered to be the largest social trading network especially for binary options. You can download and install the Copyop Android App from Google play store for free and start using it instantly.

Copyop social trading platform is managed by a trusted group with abundant expertise in advanced trading platforms for binary options and various other derivatives. Hence users need not be concerned about any security risks in social trading. Copyop social trading platform is considered to be 100% safe and secure. The trading platform is built based on advanced security standards to ensure that all the customers’ information remains confidential. Copyop uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for all the transactions made through their platform to encrypt any confidential data exchanged between their server and users.

All the deposits made by customers are stored in a separate trust account and payouts are guaranteed to customers as per the terms and conditions mentioned in their website. The important features of Copyop include multiple trading strategies and techniques presented by more than 1 million users. You can view the detailed performance of every successful trader based on the advanced evaluation algorithm designed by Copyop. Copyop evaluation algorithm is based on various parameters such as Number of trades won, Number of trades lost, risk/reward ratio, time for each trade, average trade size, exposure, amount of profit etc. You will also get automatic notifications about successful trades and new opportunities based on the market conditions.

Copyop makes social trading very simple and easily accessible to people all over the world. You can view the past performance of all the traders and the trading strategy which they used to make money. It also notifies users about traders who are under-performing so that they can avoid using their strategies. Copyop allows users to postpone the expiry time of trade if they are under loss which is a unique feature that is not available in any other trading platform. Copyop also helps in identifying the successful traders for the users based on their trading style and reduces their learning curve. Copyop presents users with detailed trading history along with complex graphs, charts and tables. Copyop social trading platform supports more than 15 languages and has 24/7 live technical support for handling all the technical queries of the users. Social trading allows users to copy and duplicate trades of other traders and helps them learn which strategies work and which will not in the long-run.  By joining Copyop, you can become a successful investor and gain returns as high as 80% for each trade.

Requirements: 4.0.3 and up


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