Convertor Pro v7.0

 Convertor Pro v7.0

All the units you need to convert, wrapped in the best user interface: as easy and intuitive to use as a calculator. It’s unit conversion done right!

– Converts as you type (no “Convert” button to press)
– Use mixed units, like feet+inches

– Freely mix fractions (like ½) with decimals (like 0.5)
– Switch units by swipe, long-press, or menu
– Unit calculator with clipboard “memory”
– Supports tablets
– Three UI skin options: Holo Dark, Holo Light, and Classic Gray
– Includes Chinese and Hong Kong units
– Unit categories cover everything from the basics of length, weight and volume to more specialist measurements like magnetic flux density, torque, or radioactive decay
– Currency conversions – converts the major world currencies listed by the Canadian and European Central Banks – but please note that additional currencies can’t just be added at will. The currency rates in the app have to come from somewhere, and if these banks don’t list your favored currency, then the app can’t show an exchange rate for it.

What’s New:
– Rename Data Storage and Bandwidth units for greater clarity
– Add numerous units to various categories (see website for complete list)
– Add absolute & gauge scales to all Pressure units
– Refine conversion factor of TCE (Energy category)
– Fix bug in the display of Quads (Energy category)
– Fix bug: Convertor Free sometimes showing too few unit rows in landscape

More Info in Google Play

Download Convertor Pro v7.0 APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR


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