Compass Pro v1.24 Apk
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: Most people know how to use a compass to determine where north is. Few know how to use it as a navigation tool.

A great many people know how to utilize a compass to figure out where north is. Few know how to utilize it as a route instrument. The capacity to explore with a compass and a guide is one of the significant abilities in climbing. This compass is a straightforward north heading marker as well as is planned to be utilized as a genuine introduction apparatus for climbing exercises. So figure out how to appropriately utilize a compass and dependably have it on you.

Essential: Your gadget must have an incorporated compass sensor to work appropriately.


+ Orienting compass capacities

+ Suitable for outdoors, trekking, and other open air exercises

+ HD representation

+ Quick orderly utilize guide


+ Rotating bezel

+ Rotating situating bolt

+ Adjustable attractive declination

+ Fine tune of the turning bezel

+ Fine tune of the situating bolt

+ Clinometer

Professional adaptation:

+ No promotions


Occasional redesign

This application has no promotions.

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