Chiro Heroes APK MOD Unlimited Gold + Premium

Download Chiro Heroes: Chinese Writing Apk Mod Unlimited Gold + Unlocked Premium ,New Update With Version 1.5

Have fun and be engaged while learning the basics of chinese character writing. Play as a young orphan in the care of an experienced demon hunter (Master Ji) and embark on a quest to defeat a horde of demons on Mount Hollow. Master CHIRO word skills by writing and transforming basic chinese words into powerful attacks against your enemies and defeat the evil that haunts these lands. Learn, write, battle and put your skills to the test!

Students can practise master the basics of chinese character writing. You will learn stroke order and recognise words better with the guided han yu pin yin and sounds read out for each character.

In collaboration with Marshall Cavendish Education and based on Singapore’s 2015 Primary 1 School Syllabus, this game will enable students to learn the most basic words, develop good writing style, and be engaged while learning. Download and play now!


  • Learn new chinese word characters stroke-by-stroke in a simple learning mode.
  • Learn how to recognise and pronounce words with han yu pin yin and sounds for each word
  • Kill monsters using a novel write-to-battle mechanic while practicing chinese word characters
  • Attack and defend against your enemies with your chinese writing skills.
  • Earn coins, equip powerful weapons and perform a variety of critical attacks to defeat your enemies.
  • Challenge yourself with 71 different word skills in 43 exciting battles in 8 different locations, all in 1 epic adventure!
  • Available in both Chinese and English!


||Game: Chiro Heroes: Chinese Writing APK   ||
||Version: 1.5   ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market:  ||
||Mod:  Gold + Unlocked   ||

– Gold increase instead of decrease
– Tap Unlock Premium.
– English avaliable in this game, so ignore screenshot above.





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