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UBC Broadcast interview.
Anchor: Here we have the President of Skynet, Mr. Bayran. He will be announcing a statement regarding the attacks from hackers. Mr. Bayran?
Bayran: So far, the Skynet has taken legal actions against the hackers, yet it hasn’t been successful. However, the Skynet, through our excellent technology, was able to develop a memory shield ‘The Ashe’ to defend us from the hackers. “Ashe” is a system designed for automatic hacking prevention. We are confident that the hackers will never be able to penetrate the Skynet system ever again.
Anchor: Many media has concerns over the AI so called ‘the Ashe’. Is it true that this not only prevents hackers but also attacks the hacking system?
Bayran: Not at all. We just hope to understand more about these hackers through “Ashe”. This information we have gathered will be directly forwarded to police headquarter main computer system, where it will then be spred to all local police force.
Anchor: I hear what you are saying. We will reject the rumors from the media. Then President Bayran, would you tell us more in detail about “the Ashe”?
Bayran: Sure. I will elaborate more abou the ashe. Fragmentarily, we will make an imaginary hacker to show you how remarkable Ashe is. The Skynet’s Artificial Intelligence Ashe, the memory shield.

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