Bluest Fight For Freedom APK V2.2.2 Full Version

Download Bluest -Fight For Freedom- Apk Full Version ,New update with version 2.2.2

・”Bluest” is scrolling fighting action game.
you will defeat enemies by various special moves to clear all stages.

・There are various types of special moves such as lunge, ranged attack, counter-air attack and bombardment. Also, you can connect one attack with another technique to attack enemy incessantly.

・You can achieve skills of special move by raising your level. Selecting appropriate special move to enemy will be the key to clear stage.

||Game:  Bluest -Fight For Freedom- APK  ||
||Version:  2.2.2  ||
||Android : 2.3  ||
||Market:   ||
||Mod:  —   ||


Intruction Installing:
Download files’s above
Install APK files
Then Lets Play The Game