Bluelight Filter for Eye Care FULL v2.1.2 Apk

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care FULL v2.1.2 Apk
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: Blue light from your smartphone or tablet causes your eyestrain and your troubles fall asleep.This app adjusts your screen color to reduce the blue light and reduce your eye strain and troubles to sleep.

* Avoid Eye Pressure
Bluelight from your mobile phone or tablet triggers strain on your eyes as well as keeps you from sleeping in the evening.
This application changes your screen different colors to decrease heaven light and also aids your eyes to loosen up, making it less complicated for you to fall asleep.

* Attributes

* Free Screen Filter App to Secure Your Eyes
You can minimize the strain on your eyes effortlessly.
It’s straightforward but effective!
All you need to do is launch this application.

* Screen Filter with Natural Color
This app’s filter has a natural color so you could read information, e-mails and also websites accurately.
This application does not lower the display but changes the display different colors to reduce blue light which causes strain on your eyes.

* Easy Operation
It’s very easy to turn on or off with simply one tap.
You could readjust the opacity of the filter.
Pick in between 5 different filter colors.

* Turn On or Off Quickly and also Easily
You could prefer to reveal or hide a filter symbol in the status bar, making it easy to fine-tune the setups at any time.

* Startup Immediately
You could choose whether the filter launches on start-up.

* Eye Care in your Mobile phone or Tablet computer
This application deals with a lot of mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC ONE Xperia and so forth. It likewise deals with tablets such as Nexus 7, Nexus 10, ASUS MEMORANDUM Pad, Acer ICONIA and also more!

* Simple Application
This application does n`t use your battery except when establishing the filter, since it just readjusts the different colors temperature level and also the lux the memory use is low as well.

* Trustworthy Application
This app’s programmer has been registered as a main programmer by an independent organization in Japan.
_ (Japanese site).

* Information!
The current news concerning this app could be found right here:.
– Facebook _
– Twitter _

* Eliminate ads.
Please purchase the full version to remove advertisements.

* Excellent Evaluations.

– Outstanding Application.
No stressing of eyes while reading. After applying the filter, display is practically like any eBook visitor. Practically made my kindle repetitive.

– Interesting.
Frankly speaking, I believed that it will certainly be of the joke Applications however I found a huge difference and sensation loosened up after utilizing this App. Maintain the great.

– Excellent application!
Use very advised. With our lives relatively based on smartphones, our eyes should have something similar to this.

– Practically rest inducing.
Easy to choose to use and also simple on the eyes, essentially. I like and utilize it a great deal.

– Similair to f.lux.
Works adequate. It’s a straightforward application. Some could discover lack of auto modification trough day a bad thing.

– Outstanding.
In my viewpoint I recommend this app for u people fantastic application.

– Very advised.
This app does what it asserts to do. Could really feel the difference instantly. I bought it after the very first usage itself. Only suggestion I have for programmers is to keep one app just got individuals having trick. I don’t like 2 symbols for one solitary application.

– I enjoyed twilight, so I got this one to work well!
Great security for my eyes, I was passing away after being on my phone for so long, now I can see far better! Please repair delaying !!

– It does make a difference.
Installed this app to examine if it actually helps. Looks like it does. Lesser pressure on your eyes! Absolutely advise this for any smartphone individual.

– Simple yet reliable!
The concept is so basic of this app, that what makes it great. It truly eliminates your eyes and also damages the strong light emotions. Terrific!

* If you intend to install an application from a 3rd party store such as Please turn off the filter initially to enable installation.
* When catching a display (screenshot) turn off the filter first, or else it will apply to the recorded display as well.


New Design.
Add shortcut features for paid version customers.
New approvals are only for ads by Google.

Release Information:.
Costs features uncovered.

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