Bloody Island

Bloody Island
Bloody Island l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 50.9MB
 Developers: mobirix ​| Language: English

Destroy anything and everything that you see!
Stay alive until the very end to be the last survivor!
1) Realtime battles with other survivors in PvP mode
2) Tough boss raids
3) Unique zombies with a variety of attack styles
4) The ultimate striking sensation
5) Realistic weapons
6) Astounding 3D graphics and effects which create an atmosphere of terror
7) Intuitive and easy controls
From regular zombies to rough, powerful mutant zombies,
a brutal war is beginning with waves of mercilesszombies rushing at you.
Bloody Island a tough FPS game… But don’t worry.
It’s also easy to play and lots of fun.
The realistic 3D graphics offer an even more powerful sense of immersion,
while the outstanding striking sensation transcends the mobile game genre to offer a whole new level of FPS fun.
If you use a network, you can enjoy realtime PvP battles with other survivors, and even if you are not on a network,
you can play the entire game for free anytime and anywhere, without using any data.
In a world filled with zombies, you, the last survivor, are humanity’s last hope.
★ Android 6.0 OS or higher user Notification ★
If you want to change phone and don’t want to lose your data.
Apps Management-> Bloody Island -> Permissions -> allow
Bloody Island needs user’s permissions to operate properly on Android OS version 6.0 and over :
– Used to check user’s device information and import user’s game data
– Used to check user’s write and read device SD card information
★ Note ★
1. If you play without signing into Google, your data will be reset when you switch devices or delete this application.
2. This app contains some paid items and a game money payment function.
Please note that purchasing paid items and game money incurs actual charges.
★ Homepage ★
★ Facebook ★
Bloody Island
Bloody Island
Bloody Island

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