Block This v2.0 Build 101 Apk

Block This v2.0 Build 101 Apk
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Block This protects your Android phone from malware and blocks all requests to annoying advertising.

Block This is a COST-FREE advertisement blocker for Android that works in all apps and browsers!

Just how does “Block This! – FREE” job?

Find out just how we block ads on your Android gadget.

Block This! was begun in June 2015 by Sava Georgiev – a passionate designer and also safety scientist with the only function of reducing spam and malware online.

The concept was to produce an Android app which is able to obstruct as long as possible of the scrap on the web particularly advertisements, spam & malware, phishing websites, and so on while being 100 % safe and secure, does not log or gather individual information, does not put heavy lots on your cell phone as well as works with both rooted and also non rooted phones.

In order to do this we had to leave the box of conventional advertisement blocking software program and also go one action further. We had the fantastic suggestion to integrate an old and even failed to remember technique for obstructing net demands – obstructing by DNS.

In July 2015 we set up our first higly scalable DNS (Domain Web server) web servers and even our first examinations instantly revealed impressive ad obstructing success. Many advertisements were obstructed as well as in some cases searching speed was enhanced.

Yet what exactly does DNS do? Basically a “Domain Name Web server” is utilized to identify where on the network (net) is a domain located. For example, when your borwser asks a DNS, where “” is, it will normally inform your browser that this website is located at the IP Address: Your browser after that goes to that IP and also fetches the web site to make sure that you can view it. Now envision your web browser requests a well known advertising campaign network like Your browser once again asks the DNS – “Where is situated?”. In situation you are using our DNS, the answer would certainly be which is your neighborhood address and effectively suggests – “Do not load anything”.
Your internet browser or your andrid application app will after that after these guidelines, hence not filling any type of advertisements or malware while saving you a great deal of traffic, expanding your month-to-month mobile data allocation by around 25 %.

The only problem with this approach is, that for Android there are rigorous policies about that and even just how DNS can be altered. Usually altering the DNS directly requires ORIGIN gain access to (i.e. your android gadget to be rooted). In order to work around this issue, “Block This” for Android creates, exactly what we call a neighborhood VPN (Virtual Private Network) and even all of your apps/browser traffic is routed through this VPN. This VPN is carefully configured to just change the DNS settings of your network, while maintaining your web speed and not sending any kind of website traffic to exterior VPN servers.

In addition to that “Block This! – FREE” for Android blocks recognized malware websites as well as tracking cookies increasing your security on the web and even safeguarding your privacy.

Product Features

Block all advertisements
Block all in-app and browser advertising campaign, including video clip as well as audio advertisements, popup advertisements, banners, tracking cookies

Quit malware.
Block This! also appreciates your security with its anti-virus includes! We have actually fored example a huge list of common malware suppliers to maintain you safe from bacterias.

Expand information strategy by 25 %.
The avarage user obtains served 1 advertisement every 4 applies for. This indicates that Block This! will certainly increase your data prepare effectiveness by 25 % on avarage.

No Censorship.
Bypass your internet carrier censorship as well as access components of the web that were previously hidden from you.

* No advertisements – Block browser, in-app, video and even sound advertisements.
* No monitoring – blocks tracking cookies.
* Anti-virus protection – block malware and also infection downloads
* Faster browsing – save around 30 % off your mobile data strategy
* Raised battery life
* Start on tool boot up

Sadly this application does not deal with some Samsung Galaxy devices running Android OS 4.4.0/ 4.4.1/ 4.4.2/ 5.0 as a result of a bug in the OS.


– Enhanced Design
– 100 % free

This application has no advertising campaigns.



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