Blade of God

Blade of God
Blade of God l Version: 1.5.886180.production | Size: 48.05MB
 Developers: Nival | Language: English

Blade of God – is an epic saga of a vast magical world where you have to become a hero and join the battle with a terrible demon Balrog. Armed with a sword and sorcery, you go on a long adventure, save the heiress of the Goddess and play with a lot of unusual enemies. Defeat for the right cause will help you faithful companions, new friends and even Guild.

Game features:

– Full Action-RPG, adapted for Android
– More than 400 story missions, daily quests and game events
– Colorful battles with vivid animation, unique to each character
– The development of mechanics characters, including more than 500 skills and combos
– The system of satellites allows you to train, equip and improve uncommon combat pets and companions
– Lots of PvP-modes – Arena Guild fights and friendly fights
– Heroic dungeons, hunting monsters and raid bosses
– Juicy three-dimensional graphics with incredible special effects
Choose your path and went into the battle with the Brotherhood of Darkness!
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Blade of God
Blade of God
Blade of God

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