Beyond Ynth HD 1.9 Apk


Beyond Ynth HD v1.9 Apk Free

Needs: Android 2.1+

Help Kribl, a little bug on his greatest quest. Remarkable Graphics.
7th IMGA “GRAND PRIX” VICTOR! Lastly readily available on Android!

Start an impressive adventure that will certainly take you beyond anything you have ever experienced prior to.

  • 1 year in the making.
  • Outstanding Graphics.
  • Tons of original ideas.
  • Never-before-seen gameplay.

This is the tale of Kribl, a little bug on a big quest to bring light back to the Kingdom of Kriblonia. Help him to efficiently go across undiscovered distressing territories as well as locate all the light-giving Dazzly Diamonds that were swiped by the Four Dark Spiders of the Armageddon!

Gameplay :
Throughout your journey you’ll deal with completely dry dirty deserts, toxic volcano valleys, dank dark smoggy forests and icy mountain peaks with perilous domino effects. Each of these regions brings its very own surprises and you’ll locate yourself pushing boxes, climbing up systems, jumping, moving, dropping – in every conceivable situation. All these activities require visionary reasoning as each degree has puzzling frameworks which need to be turned, moved as well as browsed to get through. Utilize your wits to escape scorching sunbeams, freezing climate as well as risky lava pits. You have to view.
this video game in motion to absolutely understand just how outstanding it is. Follow the link at the end of the description here to see the game at work.

SlideToPlay: REQUIREMENT HAVE 4/4: “Incredibly well designed degrees”; “. you may lose weeks of performance”.
TouchArcade: “The entire game is exceptionally special and also each degree is skillfully designed from beginning to finish.”.
Appadvice: “brilliant artwork that looks wonderful on the retina display and also iPad.;”excellent soundtrack.”. WONDERFUL 5/5: “Beyond Ynth is a lesson act that is most definitely worth looking into.”.
Gizmodo: “. the graphics are very nice and the video game has a high level of gloss”.
148apps: “It pin down the specifics that a lot of various other puzzle games miss out on.”; “awesome signature tune (it’s amazing!)”. “SUPERB! 5/5! One of the most cutting-edge puzzle game ever!”.


  •  Rewind Function!
  •  Option Video clips!
  •  80 degrees with huge variety.
  •  15 hours of enjoyable platform puzzling.
  •  Initial music and tracks, taped in a workshop.
  •  Voice acting.
  •  Storybook with hand-drawn pictures.
  •  Openfeint High-score lists and success.
  •  Beautiful graphics and animations.
  •  Super-smooth dimensional scrolling.
  • Supports all preferred display resolutions.
  •  Practical physics gameplay aspects.

Just what’s in this model: (Updated: Oct 22, 2014).

  • Support for Android TV & Joypad.
  • Assistance for Immersive Method.
  • Video game Solutions Assistance.

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