Berzerker CM12/CM12.1 v0.1.7

Berzerker CM12/CM12.1 v0.1.7
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Berzerker is a Beautiful Dark Theme with silver/gray, and white overtones.. Berzerker was inspired by the fearless Norse Warrior’s they called the Berserkr. I created this theme for the world famous CM Theme engine, and it will only work on a 5.0/5.1.1 Rom using the CM theme engine..


Themed Google apps

>Google Play
>Google Chrome
>Google Keyboard

Themed User apps

>Apex Launcher
>Nova Launcher

Themed System apps

*Aosp Keyboard
*Eleven Music
*CM Device Settings
*CM Updater
*DU About
*DU Updater 
*Ota Updates
*Slim Launcher
*Theme Chooser

What’s New 

v17 4.29.16
Gmusic nu splash icon, and misc pngs
RR notif toggles, floating window icons
CM new settings,fw commits
Tunein widget
Kromed few misc app icons
Gmail fixed add account text and other misc
CM screen recorder, theme Chooser,eleven Music, Snap
CM13 dialer – block caller misc icons
G Photos
fw activate, select bgs
Contact at [email protected] or on Gplus

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