Bee Quest

Bee Quest
Bee Quest l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 43.35MB
 Developers: Ludei | Language: English

Become the king of the hive by clearing all the levels with the highest score
Your objective is to line up the same color flowers to make combinations. Plan your moves wisely to score the most points possible with no time limit!
Help yourself to the different objects that you find on each level and make the most of the powers they offer to rack up points on the scoreboard.
Worm flower: wins the points of all the flowers in the row in the direction of the arrow.
Double worm flower: wins the points of the entire row in both directions
Egg Flower: wins the points of all the flowers around it.
But be careful! There are also obstacles that will make it more difficult!
-Rocks and pieces of land: they act as a barrier and limit your movements.
Spider: move fast or the spider will start blocking the flowers around it.
Compare your score on the leaderboards. Compete against players and friends from all over the world and get the high score!
Bee Quest
Bee Quest
Bee Quest

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