Battle Buzz

Battle Buzz
Battle Buzz l Version: 1.2.1 | Size: 57.08MB
 Developers: Namida Diamond Factory Ltd. | Language: English

Evil mutant flies are coming and need to be tapped to pieces by you and your army of honey bees armed to the teeth.
Lead your upgradeable bee troops to battle and rid the world of buzz-ugly flies once and for all. Venting your rage has never felt so good!
Let’s get ready to BUMBLE!
UNLEASH THE BUZZ! Shoot, blow-up, smash and combo hits together, then destroy everything on your path with the power of BATTLE BUZZ!
SQUASH a never-ending army of heinous mutant flies, each more BUGLY than the other!
WEAPONIZE yourself – start out with your dusty FLYSWATTER and tap out with your trusty ROCKET LAUNCHER!
UPGRADE your weapons and bees! With a firm hand, your bumbling bee troops can be trained into rumbling RAMBEES and TERBEENATORS armed with miniguns and flamethrowers!
COLLECT sweet honey, handy power-ups and devastating boosters to beat the BUZZ out of bullying flies!
COMPETE in worldwide leaderboards and challenge other players to wreak even GORE havoc! Only sky’s the limit for your BUGFIGHTS!
Venting your rage has never felt so good. Join the BUZZ!
Battle Buzz
Battle Buzz
Battle Buzz

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