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Fun and exciting BADA-BOOM! game appeared for mobile devices. You’ll forget about everything in the heat of the game. You will have only one goal – to defeat opponents!GAME FEATURES
– Simple rules and addictive gameplay
– 9 exciting game modes: «Classic», «Overtly», “Blitz”, “Criss-cross”, “Neighbors”, “Scuffle”, “Apocalypse”, “Mess” and “To the end”
– You can split into 2 teams in the game
– Training of logical thinking
– Supports all smartphones and tablets
– Simple and interactive tutorial and tips

Move by move, the players build a tower with a square base made up of four blocks. The goal of the game is to be first to get rid of all the blocks on hand. But this is not so easy: the rivals can deprive you of the right to make a move, force you to take back the previously placed blocks and take additional blocks. You will need prudence, luck and nerves of steel!

It will be very hard to pry away from “BADA-BOOM!” game, because a leader can become an outsider at any time, and a loser can become a winner!

What’s New

1. Добавлены новые игровые режимы.
2. Устранены ошибки.