Auro v1.27 APK

All bump. No grind!

Dinofarm Games – creators of 100 Rogues – are pleased to present Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure.

Auro introduces a whole new kind of gameplay: Bumping! What’s that? Why, it’s the strategic use of movement, magic spells, and straight-up bumping to kill monsters to gain points, and become a master Bumper!

Set in an original fantasy universe, guide the brash, spoiled Prince Auro through procedurally generated dungeons, with only a handful of tactical spells – and your wits – to protect you.

Face a variety of monsters, each with their own cool tactical abilities, and then when they least expect it – give ’em a healthy bump – STRAIGHT INTO THE DRINK!


  • 31 Tutorial levels to show you how to play
  • Single-player competitive PLAY MODE lets you build up your Rank over time, like an online matchmaking ladder!
  • Procedurally generated maps meaning you’ll never face the same challenge twice
  • Deep, interesting, and balanced system of gameplay – you can get better at Auro for years
  • Crazy emergent complexity! You’ll constantly surprise yourself with what’s possible
  • Nine unique spells that are the result of years of careful balance and testing
  • Quick, no-nonsense gameplay.
  • Detailed stat-tracking on our RECORDS screen
  • A whole cast of colorful and interesting monsters who will give you somethin’ to think about!
  • The entire game is made up of vibrant, hand-made and fully animated pixel art
  • An original thematic soundrack
  • Designed from the ground up for use on touchscreens
  • Comes with a tutorial, a web manual, a how-to-play gameplay video, and more ways to help you learn
  • From Dinofarm Games, the creators of the hit dungeon-crawler 100 Rogues
What’s in this version : (Updated : Feb 8, 2015)
  • Smoothed out the Tutorial. Don’t forget to try Play Mode or watch the How to Play video if you get stuck! New app icon, bug fixes.
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :
Auro - screenshotAuro - screenshot
Auro - screenshotAuro - screenshot
Auro - screenshotAuro - screenshot

Download : 44Mb APK


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