Asteroid Belt Live Wallpaper v2.1

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 Asteroid Belt Live Wallpaper v2.1

A spectacular 3D live wallpaper featuring a star system with an asteroid belt in the foreground! Planets orbit based on the time of day! Makes full use of OpenGL and supports both portrait and landscape mode, plus any screen resolution. Works as a Daydream on 4.2+ devices!

This full version has lots of settings available. Change how the background star system looks, modify which background is in use, control how many asteroids are visible and how fast they move, adjust the overall orbit speeds, and more!

TO USE: Home->Long Press->Wallpapers

What’s New
– Four new backgrounds!
– Rounder rings!
– Fixed resizing issue on 4.4 devices
– Daydreams supported on 4.2+ devices

More Info in Google Play

Download Asteroid Belt Live Wallpaper v2.1 APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR


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