Assault Commando 1.01 Apk


Assault Commando 1.01 Apk

Lastly, the iPhone timeless Assault Task force, the (occasionally essentially) mindblowing 3D shooter video game has actually shown up to your Android device.

You are Jack Gunfire, and also your target is to do away with Albrecht Braun, the mad expert which certainly wishes to damage the globe with his diabolic equipment. Your mission began very approximately, as your chopper plunged in the center of the South American jungle (the person that claimed “Reach da choppa” was plainly incorrect). Some would really feel annoyingly concerning such a scenario, however not Jack Shooting!

Blast your way via 5 challenging degrees, furnished with a collection of tools, cycling unbelievably damaging automobiles!

If you’re looking for an amazing shooter video game, do not hesitate to press the download button! But bear in mind Jack Gunfure’s two rules:.
1. Fire everything that moves.
2. Never ever run out of ammunition.

Attributes Of Assault Commando Apk :

  • Testing and also addicting, with 3 various difficulty degrees.
  •  Spectacular retro graphics.
  •  Instinctive commands.
  •  Destructible atmosphere.
  •  Finger-breaking boss-battles. Hell, you can even beat a GIANT MECH, just what else do you wish ?

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