Arpenia Story

Arpenia Story
Arpenia Story l Version: 1.0.86 | Size: 53.98MB
 Developers: eXtorm | Language: English

The first game of indie games company consists of four developers.
Simple operation, yes it is like a blocking is not easy difficulty.
Another development in the run game. Let’s get it clear various stages.
▶ Remember, this only
* Jump twice. Attack until you consume mana.
* Add one more jump, when to kill the enemy in the air
* Go a short distance, when the attack battered twice
* End. It only remember
▶ Game Features
* Armor is peeled off, when the defense of the armor becomes 0
* Adding a pet, up to four kinds of buff skills available
1. Adventure
* Short stages proceed according to the story.
* Additional gold compensation into three stages for each achievement
* Self scores and compete with other players score
* Continued updates
2. Adventure King Contest
* It can be played at a time up to a stage that the user has completed.
* Competition scores with other users. This does not compete to compensation.
* A variety of rewards that can be obtained after completion target score.
3. Adventure King Contest: Dogfight
* If you challenge yourself, try to control.
* Exit falls to the ground.
* Try to reach the target score in an instant judgment and timing
4. etc
* Various characters are continuously added
* With additional armor for each character
* Sword, Blade, Hammer(ax), including three types of various weapons available
* Add a pet, use the additional skills
* Use the Rune and set your own character
▶ Recommendations
* Galaxy S3 from the expected spec devices, it is recommended to use.
* In less than recommended equipment, installation and may not play smoothly.
Arpenia Story
Arpenia Story
Arpenia Story

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