ApkCrack v0.4 Apk

ApkCrack v0.4 Apk
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Apk Crack phone APK programming modified APK Edit Tool.

ApkCrack. From the perspective of the English significance is APK breaking devices, the predecessor of the software is AETool. At present, the author is no longer upgraded AETool, and also upgrade ApkCrack the. The software a APK to edit devices, he can edit APK DEX byte code file, DEX character continuous pool. ArsC character constant pool, XML character consistent pool, and to ODEX into DEX, along with some usual file manager. This software is light, functional and also practical. You can modify the relevant details and also APK code to use it, but also the English software program into Chinese software

Feature of this software.
1. Solid zip file manager to support directly add and also erase decompression procedure.
2. Dex character constant pool, finished unique.
3. can edit DEX byte code, and modified associated info.
5. resources.arsc source data the character consistent pool fracture unique.
4.Xml character consistent swimming pool, completed unique.
6. Apk trademark device.
7. Deodex, quick will certainly ODEX files for DEX report


1. use Product Style data source design user interface.
2. add Apk consents to modify, include and also erase approvals APK support.
3. to raise the Zipalign function.

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