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Greetings, Mobilism members! I would like to take this opportunity to formally announce the all new, revamped and rebooted Android Review Forum here on Mobilism for your informative pleasure! A tremendous amount of effort and time has been dedicated to bring Mobilism members an updated forum focusing on publishing quality detailed reports on selected popular applications and games that are both available in the retail markets, as well as here on your favorite site. The immediate goal is to inform, educate and entertain the curious with thoughtful and thorough assessments provided by rigorous testing and extensive knowledge from our Review Team. Through your travels in the Android forum, you will notice a blue graphic within the release topics of certain applications and games that are linked to their relative reviews for your convenience. You may also directly view the Android Review Forum in whole to easily learn about new applications and games that you might not know about currently and could possibly miss otherwise. As the reviewed applications and games have updates released, their relative reviews will reflect the current version number, significant changes and all the relative links you will need to obtain them as you see fit.

As an added convenience, there is now a Mobilism Android Review Twitter account that will tweet new reviews as they are released, keeping you in touch and informed whenever there is updated material available. Your support and interest is highly appreciated and welcomed; please follow the Twitter account and retweet your favorite reviews to help Mobilism gain popularity in this exciting venture! You will also be followed back by the account as a special thanks for your efforts as we also support our members and followers, too! As an additional note, another fantastic way to show your support for the Review Team generating these works would be to hit the Thank You button if you found them helpful or even entertaining. It’s a great service that is provided to you for free and even the slightest support goes a long way to ensure the appreciation of all the hard work involved. Clicking on the graphics on this page will take you directly to their respective locations. Please join us!

The Review Team also needs enthusiastic, motivated and thorough new members to expand our section with more reviews as mentioned in the Android Reviewers Wanted thread. Any inquiries regarding applications for the Review Team, or any other questions regarding current or prospective reviews, please PM Shardz to inquire about a postion. I look forward to bringing Mobilism the best possible experience in Android reviews and I thank you for taking the time in showing your support.

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