Ancient Combat PRO v1.1.3 build 10103

Ancient Combat PRO v1.1.3 build 10103
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Ancient Combat game is a turn-based strategy for 2 players on 1 device. Each player has the right to make the move to 3 per round. The main types of stroke: the protection (lock left on the map), restoration provisions (bazaar on the center of the map), attack (house on the right on the map).

Subspecies of moves:
1) Protection (Archers)
2) Protection (Sword)
3) Reduction of energy / caterer
4) Attack (Spy)
5) Attack (Sword)
For more information about the level of protection, damage from the attack, and so you can see in the game.
Control of the game is carried out by clamping finger at a particular point on the screen to which you want to approach the player.
Note footing:
Each player makes a stroke at 3, then your every move is compared with the same order of course an opponent:
Your 1st move – with 1m move opponent.
Your 2nd course – with 2 m stroke opponent.
Your third move – with 3m move opponent.
Calculation of damage and protection is also due to the above rule represented. For example, if your first move – the attack, and the first move the opponent – the protection, then you will inflict less damage than if the opponent is not defended on the 1st course. BUT if your first move – the attack, and on the ground during the defense no opponent (even if there is on the 2nd or the 3rd course), then the damage will be inflicted completely!
After each round of battle for all participants will be presented with information on committed opponent moves, in order to make reasonable progress in the future.

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