Agent D.O.G.

Agent D.O.G.
Agent D.O.G. l Version: 1.06 | Size: 30MB
 Developers: The Stonebot Studio | Language: English

Kats from outer space are invading the Earth and its Agent D.O.G.’s turn to fight against them, 80s style!
Defend the planet from invaders in this shooter arcade style game with 3D graphics with a touch of 80s retro.
Break your record, improve your aim and equip yourself with the Powerful Gauntlet 9001TM with all the weapons available for Agent D.O.G., from lasers, bombs, even satellite beams!
Agent D.O.G. It’s so woof!
★ Features ★
* Free Grame
* Arcade style shooter
* 80s atmosphere.
* Variety of kat enemies
* Retro graphics and music
* Epic battles
* Achievements
* Improve your weapons
* Did we mention satellite beams?
Development Blog:
Agent D.O.G.
Agent D.O.G.
Agent D.O.G.

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