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Age of Civilizations Asia v1.15 Apk

Demands: 2.3 +

Age of Civilizations is a turn-based strategy video game where your item is to dominate the world.

Asia|[462 Provinces]
Orders are submitted just before each round. The number of orders you could send throughout each round is limited by your Activity Points for that round.
After orders are sent, people implement activities consequently order, which is randomized at the start of each round.

The resources is one of the most essential district in a people. If you shed your capital for 3 turns, your world will not already existing. If you capture an additional civilization’s capital, you obtain each one of its provinces. Capitals have a defensive perk: +15 % as well as an offensive bonus: +15 %. Capitals have all buildings currently created.
Clear provinces are neutral. Provinces with shade come from various other worlds.
You can scale the map. To go back to the common scale, dual faucet the map. If scale is apart from conventional on minimap you could view ‘!’ in leading right.
Use the Economic situation and also Population buttons to watch each district’s Economy and Populace values. Use the diplomacy switch to see each district’s owner and also participate in diplomacy (view Orders- Diplomacy View).

Cash is contributed to your treasury with earnings tax, which is based off your civilization’s overall populace as well as economic climate. Money is subracted from your treasury for army upkeep, which is based off your quantity of military systems (systems mixed-up have a greater maintenance compared to systems ashore).

Orders – Normal Sight
Relocate: move units from one province to an additional. You can move in between districts you regulate or strike an additional civilization’s province.
Employee: hire devices from the picked province. This sets you back cash as well as is limited by the populace of the district. Sponsoring from a district lessens its populace.
Build: construct a structure in the chosen province (see Structure Kinds). This costs money.
Dissolve: take out devices from the picked district. This minimizes army upkeep.
Liege: promotes a vassal state with an additional world.
Annex: brings a vassal state back under your complete control.

Orders – Diplomacy View
War: state war on a civilization.
Peace: send a peace deal to a civilization. If accepted, your people will certainly no more be at war.
Pact: submit a deal offer to a civilization. If approved, the civilizations could not assault each other for 5 rounds. This can be terminated via a Battle order one round ahead of time.
Alliance: submit a partnership deal to a world. If approved, that world will assist you in your armed forces efforts. Utilize the War order to let allies recognize which your targets are.
Kick: end an alliance with a civilization.
Assistance: offer money to a world.

Building Types
Fort: provides a district a defense bonus.
Watch tower: allows you to see army numbers in neighboring districts.
Port: permits systems to relocate right into the sea. Devices mixed-up can move back into any sort of land district, even if it doesn’t have a port.

211 People

  • Lieges
  • Offline and Online success
  • Offline and also Online Venue of Fame
  • Google Play Video game Services leaderboards as well as success!
  • Random placment
  • Random fill
  • Random games

Scenarios :

  • Modern globe
  • Modern globe Full
  • War of the nations I.
  • World war I Complete.
  • World war II.
  • World war II Complete.
  • Custom circumstances!

3 different sorts of fog of war :

  • Off.
  • Standard.
  • Full.
  • Tutorial.

Readily available languages.

  • English.
  • Å¡tina.
  • Espaol.
  • Deutsch.
  • Franais.
  •  Italiano.
  •  Nederlands.
  •  Gloss.
  •  Portugu
  •  Russian.

Special thanks to all translators.

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