Aeon of Strife

Aeon of Strife
Aeon of Strife l Version: 1.1 | Size: 44.03MB
 Developers: TAITAN | Language: English

Aeon of Strife, a mobile action card game for whole people, makes its great debut in 2014. Ten activities, with more than million gifts, which will make you the happiest player in the world! Cute-version, high definition image, make you can hardly tear yourself away from the game. To be beyond Godlike, Come toAeon of Strife!
It is a great mobile action card game in 2014, leading the new pattern of mobile games in the world—
1028 types of new equipment helps to keep your domination in the battlefield;
120,000 kinds of league of heroes, building a super team;
43,000,000 players’ passion detonates the Godlike battle;
Aeon of Strife is a mobile game you must play in 2014, where heroes gather together for you to conquer!
Game features:
1) So adorable with Cute-version, high definition image and lifelike animation!
Aeon of Strife includes all heroes in current DOTA Allstars shapes and animations, is adopted to fully restore the cast skills action in DOTA battles.
2) Unique skills are in full control of you, which creates super battle-enjoyment!
Innovative Game Play : players are allowed to cast unique skills anytime in the process of fighting, which will bring you an unprecedented battle experience of defeating your opponents just in the twinkling of an eye.
3) Skills collocations & interruption: gameplay with hardcore strategy
Thousands of heroes’ skills collocations make it possible for you to spike the opponents around you. Top players can win by High-level operations, like skill interrupted.
4)It starts to reach LV 90, and epic orange weapons grandly come!
From the halt situation of LV 80 to the new LV 90, faced an unknown journey, epic orange equipments make new league of heroes, possible to step together on the road of bold adventures!
We warmly welcome to join Aeon of Strife, collect your favorite heroes and fight with them! Let’s have fun with the great popular mobile game together!
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Aeon of Strife
Aeon of Strife
Aeon of Strife

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