Adventures of Water Knight

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Adventures of Water Knight
Adventures of Water Knight l Version: 1.21 | Size: 24.8MB
 Developers: Fortuna Lion | Language: English

“Adventures of the Water Knight. Princess Rescue” is a dynamic arcade game with original gameplay, many quests and defense battles with monsters and dragons. You will move the Water Knight across floating islands of Water Kingdom, pick up Water Drops for knight health, and send sweets and jewelry to care for the Princess Iriel, all while fighting monsters and dragons that infest the hostile lands. And that’s not all – save the imprisoned golden fishes and equip your pocket knight with golden armor! Earn achievements and build a luxurious Water Castle with thousands of fountains for the Knight and Princess (really Kingdom of golden coins), unlock upgrades and additional features! The art style of Disney and “Looney Tunes” tempo in this water water game.
Have you ever heard about the Water Valor and the Water Courage? No? Then let me tell you the strange and wonderful tale of the Water Knight, who had no fear of his enemy’s sharpest arrows nor strongest steel swords!
You can hear about different lords and knights but Water Knight is the best!
The little Water Tribe lived in a beautiful Water Kingdom surrounded by thousands of musical waterfalls. No souls in the world were more pure and happier as they basked in the iridescent rainbow light and listened to the melodies of the crystal stream. The most beautiful and pure of them all was the Princess Iriel, who loved to play with golden fishes as she ran her fingers over the strings of her water harp, singing songs in her delightful voice about her native kingdom, captivating all who heard her voice that was carried by tireless winds.
But the king of Underworld Kingdom Volcano also heard Iriel’s singing…
Feel like a knight! Fight monsters and dragons! Build beautiful magic fluid castle in this free game!
The warrior prince game is waiting for a hero!
– An original dynamic gameplay.
– A lot of quests for Knight.
– The battles with the dragons and monsters of Water Kingdom.
– The construction of the Water Castle.
– Princess dressing up.
– Extraordinary atmosphere of the fairy kingdom.
Adventures of Water Knight
Adventures of Water Knight
Adventures of Water Knight

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