Adguard Premium v2.6.108 Final (Block Ads Without Root) Apk
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Blocks Ads Without Root.

Adguard furnishes you with a solid and sensible assurance that promptly and without your support channels the stacking website pages. Adguard evacuates all the irritating promotions, squares stacking of perilous sites, and won’t permit anybody to track your exercises on the Internet.

At the point when handling a page, Adguard does a few things without a moment’s delay:

1. Expels advertisements and web following code specifically from the page.

2. Checks a page against our database of phishing and pernicious destinations.

3. Checks applications downloaded from obscure sources.


Advertisement Blocking

[Added] Annoyances channel: #594

We have chosen to make another different channel for aggravating components that irritate clients or meddle with web surfing. As you may know, we as of now have a Social media channel that expels various online networking gadgets and distinctive catches – “Like”, “Offer”, “Tweet” and so forth (we are certain you have seen what number of them are on sure sites). Our new channel will go further in making your surfing significantly more agreeable.

You can take in more about it in our web journal: filter.html

[Added] Custom DNS servers: #139

With Adguard you can now abrogate framework DNS settings and utilize any DNS servers you like. Pretty much as with intermediary settings, Android does not permit you to do it when you are on portable information, so Adguard is your lone alternative. To do it: go to Settings – Advanced – Low-level settings – tap pref.vpn.dns and enter favored DNS servers addresses (one for every line).

Different changes

[Added] Korean Adblock list: #556

[Added] Fanboy’s Swedish channel: #627

[Added] Fanboy’s Vietnamese channel: #589

[Added] LastPass application added to the programs list: #476

[Fixed] Improved advertisement obstructing in Youtube application: #573

[Fixed] Adguard neglects to distinguish HTML on a few sites: #554


[Added] Upstream intermediary settings: #51

A standout amongst the most made inquiries about Adguard is “would I be able to utilize it with another VPN?”. The typical answer was “no, you can’t have two VPN running together (unless you have establish and utilize AG in intermediary mode)”. We are exceptionally eager to report that we have brought another arrangement appropriate for non-established gadgets.

Does this permit you to utilize two VPNs in the meantime? No, sadly this is still inconceivable. In any case, most mainstream VPN suppliers permit you to utilize intermediary rather and that is the thing that you can do now with Adguard.

Case in point, in the event that you are a PIA VPN client, you now can setup Adguard to utilize their SOCKS5 intermediary. Take in more about it here (look down until you see “SOCKS5 intermediary” join).

You might need to utilize TOR alongside Adguard and it is likewise conceivable at this point! Here is a short guideline on the best way to setup Adguard to work with Orbot: Proxy with Tor.

Run Orbot.

Open Adguard.

Go to Settings – Advanced, open Proxy settings.

Select SOCKS4 intermediary sort, set host to and port to 9050.

That is it, run Adguard insurance and all your movement is currently experiencing TOR.

One all the more thing worth seeing is that Adguard is presently the best way to utilize intermediary when you are on portable information. Generally Android simply does not give such plausibility.

[Added] extraordinary failure level setting permitting to piece IPv6 movement in Proxy+Auto sifting mode: #601

It gives the idea that in Proxy+Auto mode Adguard can’t channel IPv6 activity. As a brief arrangement we’ve presented extraordinary failure level setting “pref.proxy.block.ipv6” permitting to square IPv6 activity to open systems. It is crippled as a matter of course, so in the event that you have IPv6 offered by your ISP, you might need to empower it.

[Added] Low level switch for AG to dump HTTP/HTTPs substance to a record: #502

This switch will be extremely helpful to channels engineers and devotees. Adguard spares HTTP(s) asks for in a HAR (http chronicle) v1.2 position which can be effectively broke down with a Fiddler application: #502

[Improved] HTTPs separating execution: #501

Another well known inquiry was about download speed drop over HTTPs. HTTPs sifting is an overwhelming operation, so that was normal. What was surprising to us is that some administrations like Google Play may download applications over HTTPs. Thus, we have significantly improved the separating speed. On our test gadget it has demonstrated an expansion in 5-10 times!

Different changes

[Changed] Updated default https prohibitions list (very nearly 1k areas there now): #579

[Fixed] Do not begin VPN when another VPN is being used: #527

[Fixed] Wi-Fi bringing in UK EE system does not work if Adguard is dynamic: #582

[Fixed] No HTTPs sifting of Google areas in Chrome program: #365

[Fixed] Empty promotion placeholders are noticeable in some applications with HTTPS separating empowered: #402

[Fixed] Adguard does not square associations when an application changes to SSL 3.0: #562

[Fixed] Some applications rehash advertisement asks for consistently (Play music issue): #511

[Fixed] HTTPs separating does not work for Google spaces (Android N): #486

[Fixed] Error producing authentication for declarations w/o elective name: #548

[Fixed] Added workaround for overhaul methodology on Android N #634

[Fixed] Not beginning VPN administration on snappy system change #636


[Added] Default dialect is presently “Framework” (just uses the framework dialect regardless of the fact that you transform it): #131

[Added] Added Adguard alternate route for quick empowering or handicapping Adguard: #481

[Added] Show cautioning when client tries to set notice symbol to “None”: #497

[Changed] 1-place gadget appearance: #481

[Fixed] An issue with Adguard easy route opening application UI: #610

[Fixed] Tethering “strife” warning is demonstrated unfailingly: #503

[Fixed] Statistics detalization for low-res gadgets: #525

[Fixed] Dialog windows width: #557

[Fixed] Accessibility issue for outwardly hindered clients: #519


[Fixed] Aliexpress: #615

[Fixed] Yandex Navi and Maps: #447

[Fixed] Wire: #517

[Fixed] Sberbank and manual intermediary mode: #545

[Fixed] Adwords application: #327

[Fixed] Outlook versatile application: #560

[Fixed] Openbank: #504

[Fixed] Samsung Theme Store: #571

[Fixed] SimpleNote sync: #540

[Fixed] Wawa: #543

[Fixed] Yelp (can’t finish an exchange): #603

[Fixed] PrivatBank: #567

[Fixed] Angry Birds Friends: #546

[Fixed] HERE Maps: #530

[Fixed] FarPost Кино: #529


[Fixed] Samsung Battery sparing element meddles with Adguard: #378

[Fixed] HTC battery streamlining mode meddles with Adguard: #536

[Fixed] License key can be found in the log record: #595

[Fixed] Limit the quantity of permit check demands: #574

[Fixed] HTC gadgets power sparing mode: #536

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