A Tale of Survival v1.1.77 APK

A Tale of Survival (ATOS) is open world survival based RPG. The game features a completely randomly generated open world to explore, crafting, survival based game play and resource gathering. Stranded and alone you must harvest the materials from the land around you to survive!
Features –

* Randomly generated, unique open world to explore
* Craft weapons, clothing and tools
* Dungeons to discover and explore
* Lots of enemy variety!
* Permanent death
* Fight deadly monsters
* Manage your hunger and and warmth to stay alive
* Unique soundtrack
* Fishing, mining and lots more..

A Tale of Survival is constantly being updated with new features, optimisations and game-play elements. Do you have an idea for the game? Send it to us using the email bellow!

* Updates *
Latest version – 1.1.38 –

• Added new fall back to dungeon generation to prevent crashes
• Increased number of dungeons generated in the world by 5
• Fixed bug with some gui items being clickable when not visible
• Fixed lag associated with the first 10 seconds when starting a new game
• Re-designed the camera to now work much more ‘fluid’ and less strict in its movement, try running and stopping!
• Fixed potential bug in map generation loop that could stall the game
• Found and fixed cause of some dungeons being completely back and empty
• Fixed bug when entering and exiting dungeons that the players position could be lost
• Fixed bug where dungeon entrance could sometimes
• Fixed bug with pause menu trying to draw even when the window did not have focus causing a crash
• Reduced floor tile ‘flashing’, still not fully resolved

– version 1.1.37 –


– version 1.1.36 –


– version 1.1.30 –

— http://www.dynamiczero.com/atos-patch-notes-3/

– version 1.1.25 –

— http://www.dynamiczero.com/atos-patch-notes-2/

– version 1.1.23 –

Optimisation patch
— http://www.dynamiczero.com/atos-patch-notes-1/

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

What’s New?:
– Version 1.1.77 (16-7-14) –
• Added rafts, cliffs, waterfalls and greater dungeon variety
• Added new dynamic lighting with sources
• Add several new details including lillys, flowers and rocks
• Expanded fishing greatly
• Improved hit boxes across the board
• Crafting wooden plank now makes two planks instead of one
• Fixed some auto-tiling bugs
Find the full patch notes here –
http://www.dynamiczero.com/tale-surviva … tch-notes/
Thank-you for your continued support!

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