4 Seasons – logic of nature

4 Seasons - logic of nature
4 Seasons - logic of nature l Version: | Size: 59MB
 Developers: Grzegorz Flor | Language: English

Stay focus & relaxed, feel the subtle logic of the Nature. See forest, land areas & human existence from the unique perspective. Feel the true power of Nature & change the trees in the forest into upcoming season by using the unique brushes. Be like the most focused artist, enjoy subtle aesthetic & wisdom quotes.
Get top rated, free, relaxer game with a calming, brainwave music, best for breaktime to build focus & concentration.
During play you’ll be solving logical puzzles hidden between trees in the forest. For your progress with map completion you will be rewarded by unlocking short philosophical dialog between the raven and the Lady Nature itself.
“When great-looking game shoots me by involving brain cells and same time encourages me (un) subtle to reflection, I’m in seventh heaven” – Gamezilla
“During the game we can think about the world we live in, and the real human nature” – IGN
“Zen-tetris” – Radio LUZ
“The only one game for the mature player that combines solving puzzles with the full relaxation. The player is entering into a state of high concentration. Best for business breaks to release stress & increase concentration. ” – User comment
– Pure relaxation
– Unique calm atmosphere,
– Aesthetic maps / land areas,
– Philo dialog about human nature,
– Wisdom Quotes (Inspiration in the works: Coelho, Tacit, Seneca, Jung)
– No time pressure,
– Calming music (Inspiration meditative music: alpha waves)
– 64 levels,
– Intelligent & FREE helping system,
– No ads & no pay walls.
With care about reflective, philosophical atmosphere & mature players in mind, we resigned TOTALLY of advertising. In the game we implement ONLY non-invasive donation system.
Hope you will see & appreciate it.
Suggestions and comments: [email protected]
4 Seasons - logic of nature
4 Seasons - logic of nature
4 Seasons - logic of nature

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