3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe

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3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe
3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe l Version: 1.3 | Size: 41.17MB
 Developers: Gley | Language: English

Pepperoni Pepe is passionate about making pizza . His adventure starts in his hometown where he uses his scooter to deliver pizza in his neighborhood.
Pepe is determined to drive his affair to the top, therefore he decides to race around the clock, never leaving someone waiting for the delicious pizza he is cooking.
What can you do to help him?
Take of with his easy to control and fast motorbike, the Italian scooter. You will be able to sneak between cars in the traffic. With your help, no one can stand between Pepe and his dream.
Keep in mind that the bike has limited transportation capabilities, if you want to keep growing you’ll need to be able to make bigger deliveries. Whenever you are ready, get a bigger vehicle, Pizzagio will double your income, and you sure will have a lot more fun on 3 wheels!
When you get to the third car, the racing gets real, this spacious monster will get you money like no other. No one stands a chance when you drive the hottest car in the city.
The game features:
* cartoony style with vivid colors, bubbly shapes, funny sound effects and happy music
* vehicles you may have never driven before
* 3 cities in which Pepe will speed up his deliveries
* a new take on the usual parking games
From the farmland of Pepperoni’s hometown, to the suburbs, and the big city, this little affair will become a serious business. You two together will climb to the top.
3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe
3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe
3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe

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