300 Abs. Be stronger PRO v2.1.4 Apk

If you want to have strong abdominal muscles, a beautiful and flat stomach, this is a place for you! You will find all the information about training abs here.
Do the test (max situps as you can). Select the appropriate cycle
For example: if you did 15 situps- start from cycle – ’11-20 crunches’, if you did 45 – select ’41-50 crunches’
Training program for situps don’t need breaks, so it wroted for 6 day (every day). On 7 day you make test again.
If you can’t complete some training day, don’t worry. Just repeat current day again. After every training your strength and stamina are growing up
Repeat this actions while your reach 300 abs.
Good luck!

What’s New
Fixed bugs
Change program button on home screen
Informer time to next training
Quick launch for other apps BeStronger
Add useful tips
History of trainings
View mode for programs

Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up

Google Play Store


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